Inthuorn Sasanakul Geotechnical Research and Centrifuge Modeling Facility

University of South Carolina College of Engineering and Computing Research

Communities and the world benefit from improved natural hazard analysis, planning and mitigation. Dr. Sasanakul performs physical modeling research utilizing centrifuge modeling and advanced geotechnical laboratory testing on soils and soil-structure systems.

Dr. Sasanakul’s current research focuses on natural hazards (floods, earthquakes, hurricanes). This research optimizes the use of field investigation, laboratory and centrifuge model testing to better understand soil-behavior and soil-structure interaction, and emphasize its implications in engineering practice. It is also valuable to perform collaborative research that combines both experimental, analytical, and multidisciplinary approaches. Our ultimate goal is to perform both fundamental and applied research that is academically intriguing while also providing engineers with practical applications. It is also our passion that research is seamlessly integrated with education with the goal of promoting public and K-12 students interest in civil engineering through the lens of natural hazard analysis.

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