Fall 2020 - ONR Projects


1Dakota McDaniels mcdanid@email.sc.eduDDoS protection with NGFW (PDF) Jorge Crichigno
Brian Nelson nelsonbd@email.sc.edu
2 Kyle Radzak kradzak@email.sc.eduProtection against Reconnaissance and Scan Attacks with NGFW (PDF)Ali AlSabeh
Christopher Ngo cqngo@email.sc.edu
3Jack Sadle jsadle@email.sc.eduOSPF Hijacking and Mitigation Cisco (PDF)Shahrin Shariff (ssharif@email.sc.edu)
Jose Gomez (gomezgaj@email.sc.edu)
Matthew Driver mdriver@email.sc.edu
4Keegan Sprankle keeganps@email.sc.edu OSPF Hijacking and Mitigation FRR Jorge Crichigno
Ryan Tallent rtallent@email.sc.edu Site to site VPN with GRE Cisco (PDF)
5Lauren Waddell lkw@email.sc.edu Protection against Bruteforce Attacks with NGFW (ncrack) (PDF)Jose Gomez
Brendan Curran bcurran@email.sc.edu
6Josue Hernandez josueh@email.sc.eduSite to site VPN with NGFW (PDF)Jorge Crichigno
Nathan Bohmer nbohmer@email.sc.edu