Berge Research Laboratory at the University of South Carolina

University of South Carolina College of Engineering and Computing Research

The Berge Laboratory is actively exploring research directed towards improving the current waste stream treatment/management paradigm. Specific research objectives include: (1) improving our understanding of how physical, chemical, and biological processes can be manipulated to promote sustainable waste treatment techniques that lead to carbon sequestration, energy generation, and/or value-added product production, (2) developing and initiating new waste treatment/management protocols that provoke transformations in the current waste treatment/management paradigm, and (3) dissemination of research results through both traditional and non-traditional techniques.

Specific areas of exploration include: the fate of disposed nanomaterials, pharmaceuticals, personal care products and endocrine disrupting compounds in bioreactor landfills; thermochemical conversion of municipal solid waste; increasing the energy yield from waste streams; resource recovery from waste streams; leachate treatment processes; and the development and subsequent evaluation of innovative groundwater remediation technologies.

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